Samsung TV Remote App

Samsung TV Remote App: The Definitive Guide

Samsung TV Remote App iPhone
Control apps on TV from your phone.

There is no need to use a big, clunky and ugly remote control for your Samsung TV. And, you can very easily avoid losing it ever again. This way you make it easier and more comfortable for yourself. How? Discover the best Samsung TV remote app out there developed by ControlMeister.

This application makes it super easy to control your Smart TV with your phone or tablet. And the good thing is: It’s totally free! Learn all about it in this interesting article below.

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What Is Samsung Remote App?

How To Use It In Less Than 3 Minutes?

What Can I Do With It?

How To Control Netflix With This Application?

10x Remote Control App Advantages

What Are The Cons?

How Much Does It Cost?

Is Screen Mirroring Included?

Are There Any Requirements?

What Do Others Say?

What Is Samsung Remote App?

Samsung TV remote app (made by ControlMeister) allows you to control your Samsung television with your iPhone and iPad. The samsung remote app is a free iOS application that can be downloaded from Apple App Store.

Samsung Smart tv remote control
Try ControlMeister for free today!

It offers all the functionalities you need to operate your TV. For example: volume, switching channels, turning on/off, brightness, etc.

It also contains super useful features such as: a keyboard for typing (with which you can quickly visit a website).

tv keyboard app

What else? ControlMeister also has a trackpad (with which you can easily use the mouse cursor operate).

How To Use Samsung Remote App?

Controlling your television has never been easier. With this you always have your remote control in your pocket.

smart television application
Using the app is super easy & comfortable.
  1. Download Samsung TV remote app in App Store.
  2. Make sure the app & your Samsung TV are on the same network.
  3. Let the app search for your TV.
  4. Connect & enjoy.

What Can I Do With This Samsung TV Remote App?

With this fantastic app you can do even more than with your normal remote control. For example: quickly look up something in your TV web browser, thanks to the keyboard in the application.

samsung smart tv remote app with keyboard
Keyboard control makes searching easier.

A few things you can do with this app:

  • Turn the sound of your TV up or down.
  • Switch channels in a split-second.
  • Discover the guide via a separate button on the app.
  • Easily enjoy your favourite apps.
  • Control the cursor with your finger by swiping over the trackpad.
  • Quickly browse online thanks to the revolutionary keyboard.

Control Netflix From iPhone or iPad


The many functionalities and additional benefits of the Samsung TV remote control app ensure that you enjoy your home even more. Below you will find a few advantages.

1 | This Samsung TV remote app is free!

2 | Control everything with your mobile phone or tablet & get rid of all those separate devices!

3 | Never lose your remote again.

4 | Browse easier and faster with the handy built-in keyboard.

5 | Effortlessly control channels, volume, apps by swiping on the revolutionary trackpad.

iPhone trackpad
Navigating has never been easier with the trackpad.

6 | Enhance your home entertainment experience with the best app updates.

7 | Impress your friends & family with the latest technology.

8 | This app prevents you from ever having to buy (AA) batteries again.

9 | Easily control your Samsung TV with several people. No more arguing about the remote.

10 | Better control with further range thanks to WiFi. You never have to depend on the limitations of infrared again.


1 | It is not possible with ControlMeister’s remote app to control your Samsung TV without WiFi.

2 | Currently, this Samsung TV remote control app is not available for Android devices. It is made exclusively for iPhones & iPads.

3 | This revolutionary app is not ideal for the elderly who are not used to dealing with the latest technology.

Is The Samsung TV Remote App Free?

Yes, it is!
Discover ControlMeister carefree in the app store, where it can be downloaded without paying. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged. It’s totally free!

ControlMeister app

To enable this revolutionary technique, ads will be visible in the application. These are specially made for you and therefore you will not be bothered by them. If you find it annoying, it is still possible to pay for the app. Then the ads will disappear. You do this by upgrading to premium. That only costs a few bucks a month.

Samsung TV Remote App iPad

Can I control my Samsung TV with my iPad?

Yes, you can!
The TV remote app from ControlMeister works any iPhone and on all iPads!

samsung ipad remote
Get the Samsung iPad remote today!

The main advantage of using the iPad over the iPhone is that all the keys are much larger. This makes it easier to read, even if you are visually impaired.

Can I also do screen mirroring with this app?

No, you can not. But MirrorMeister can!
Combine ControlMeister & MirrorMeister and try both apps for free.

Screen Mirror ad iPhone
Screen mirroring with MirrorMeister app.

MirrorMeister is an amazing app that offers screen mirroring for all TV brands. With it, you can screen mirror iPhone to Samsung TV. Of course, MirrorMeister also makes it possible to wirelessly connect your Mac or iPad to your Samsung Smart TV.


There are only three requirements to enjoy this Samsung TV remote app, developed by ControlMeister:

  • Samsung Smart TV.
  • WiFi.
  • iPhone or iPad.


The ControlMeister app is rated with 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has 2200 ratings. Below you will find a few of those App Store reviews:

Best Samsung TV Remote Control
Six of the 2.2K ratings.

This is the only one!

When I searched the App Store for a Samsung Remote Control app, I started at the top of the recommended apps and started testing them. Every one failed to work with my 2014 Samsung TV, or wanted money before it could be tested with my TV. I had nearly given up testing and was way down the list of recommended apps when to my astonishment ControlMeister worked perfectly.

Why this app doesn’t come up at the top shows there is something left out of the search algorithm that picks who’s at the top. This is the only one that worked! Count for yourself how far down the list ControlMeister is and then waste no more time and just get it.

cactusjack52 , 08/22/2021 | 5-star rating.

Best Samsung TV Remote Control

Download ControlMeister for free now!

ControlMeister is the best Samsung TV remote app and really a must have. Control your television easily, quickly and affordable with your phone or tablet. It’s a great addition to MirrorMeister’s screen mirroring app.

Enjoy the Samsung TV remote control in a handheld format with ControlMeister’s app.

Never use a clunky, big and ugly remote again!


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