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How to Mirror Mac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro to Toshiba TV

Follow these 3 easy steps to screen mirroring your Mac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro to Toshiba Smart TVs wirelessly. Save money by not using an expensive Apple TV.

There is no need to use clumsy HDMI cables, costly Apple TV or easy-to-lose USB sticks. Wirelessly connect your computer to your Toshiba TV with a simple and free app. MirrorMeister’s screen mirroring app allows you to see everything on your TV from your Mac.

We support any Toshiba Smart TV from the 2012 models and newer, including Android TVs and FireTVs, as well as the regular Toshiba Smart TVs.

3 Simple Steps To Connect Mac to TV

download mirrormeister app

Step 1

Download MirrorMeister app.

download audio driver

Step 2

Download our free audio driver.

mirror Mac to toshiba

Step 3

Click ‘Start mirroring’.


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