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How To Buy MirrorMeister?

Buy MirrorMeister Screen Mirroring App

Enjoy all the benefits of screen mirroring every day. Create a wireless environment. Take advantage of all the features and benefits today. Buy MirrorMeister with one of the affordable subscriptions.

But before you take out a subscription, you can first enjoy a free trial. This way you can discover without strings attached whether screen mirroring is something for you. Isn’t that nice?

You can choose between a monthly subscription, annual subscription or a one-time purchase. Handy if you don’t want to commit to anything.

Why Should I Buy MirrorMeister?

You need a paid subscription for unlimited access to all functions, without advertising and interruptions. The free test period has been created so that you can experience for free how good MirrorMeister is.


Enjoy all the benefits of the screen mirroring app today. No longer do you have to stare you small screens. Avoid eye strain! That’s not good for your eyes.

buy mirrormeister avoid small screens

MirrorMeister is much more affordable than an expensive Apple TV or similar hardware.

Also, with MirrorMeister you no longer need clumsy cables. Make your home or office completely wireless and safer. In addition, screen mirroring is also much more modern than the old-fashioned cable use. Impress your family, friends and colleagues. Stream everything smoothly and effortlessly to the big screen.

screen mirroring iPad to samsung

Buy MirrorMeister once or monthly and screen mirror to any TV. It doesn’t matter which TV brand you have. And if you buy another television in the future, you can still use MirrorMeister. Handy, right?

Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscriptions can be purchased via the App Store.

Follow these 3 simple steps:

i. Tap the App Store app on your Home screen.
ii. Browse or search for MirrorMeister, then tap the app.
iii. Tap Get. You might need to sign in with your Apple ID.

After your MirrorMeitser app finishes downloading, you can move it to a different spot on your Home screen.

You pay only 3,99 euros per month to start mirroring your iPhone, iPad, and Mac on your TV. MirrorMeister also offers a free trial and is eligible for Family Sharing.

Yearly Subscription

Do you already know that you will often use screen mirroring? Then it is smarter and cheaper to take a yearly subscription. That way you can also take advantage of the discount. The annual subscription is cheaper than the monthly subscription.

Lifetime Subscription

Would you rather not have a subscription? Then buy MirrorMeister once. This way you avoid monthly or annual costs. The advantage of this is that you know what you have to pay. Just once. No obligations, just one-time costs when purchasing MirrorMeister. That’s it.


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