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How to Mirror Mac, MacBook & MacBook Pro to Sony TV

Start mirroring your Mac, MacBook or MacBook Pro to Sony Smart TVs wirelessly (WITHOUT Apple TV). Follow these 3 easy steps below. Get the free MirrorMeister app today!

We support all Smart TVS from 2012 and newer.

Table of Contents:

Connect Mac to Sony TV

Step 1

Download MirrorMeister app.

MirrorMeister Mac app

Step 2

Get our free audio driver.

  • Open the app.
  • Click the “Learn how to play sound on TV” button to download the free audio driver
  • Start transmitting the sound from your Mac to TV.
Apple Mac

Step 3

Click ‘Start mirroring’.

mirror Mac to Sony

1 Minute Video Tutorial: How To Screen Mirror Mac to Sony TV


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