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Best Free Photo Sharing App For Parties & Weddings

PartyMeister has created the best free photo sharing app that not only allows you to share images with your friends, but also turns every guest into a photographer. Everyone’s selfies and precious moments are shown on the TV (or projector) present at the party.

This new technology creates interactive events where everyone enjoys all their party moments from start to finish! When the party is over, the host will have all of the photos in a convenient and shareable album.

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What Is A Photo Sharing App?

A photo sharing app is a mobile application that allows users to share photos and videos with other users. Usually, photo sharing apps provide a way for users to upload their photos and videos to a central server, where they can be viewed by other users. Some photo sharing apps also allow users to share photos and videos privately with specific people or groups.

There are many different photo sharing apps available, each with its own unique features and user interface. Some of the most popular photo sharing apps include Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Each with their own disadvantages.

In short: A photo sharing app is an app that allows users to easily upload and share photos among their friends or family. Think apps like VSCO or Flickr used to upload pictures to the Internet.

Among the best photo sharing tool is PartyMeister app – a revolutionary live slideshow photo sharing app.

Best Photo Sharing App

selfie of two women on the banner of photo sharing app PartyMeister

PartyMeister is an app with a simple mission – to make each social gathering, party or celebration that much more special.

The app allows hosts to create a live photo slideshow on Smart TVs, which each guest can easily contribute to. How? It’s simple! They take pictures on their smartphone or tablet and upload it to the stream via an in-browser page.

On top of that, try PartyMeister completely free of charge!

All of this is what makes PartyMeister the best free photo sharing app on the market.

Why PartyMeister?

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Keep Your Guests Engaged

Most photo sharing apps only fulfil one of the two things PartyMeister does. Namely, they only allow you to share the photos with your friends.

PartyMeister extends those functionalities by adding a revolutionary live slideshow photo sharing feature. That makes it a perfect addition to any social gathering, such as weddings, parties or celebrations.

group of friends taking a selfie that is displayed on smartphone, tablet and tv.

PartyMeister keeps your guests engaged and enjoying the occasion even more! Later on, they can watch through all of the photos at any time, to relive the special day.

Works With Any Smart TV, Projector & Screens

group of friends smiling and taking a selfie in a club during a party

PartyMeister works with any Smart TV model. No matter if you have a Samsung, LG TV, Phillips, Panasonic, Sony, or any other manufacturer, you can enjoy a beautiful live slideshow!

If you don’t have a Smart TV and still want to enrich your next social gathering, don’t worry!

PartyMeister doesn’t just work with Smart TVs. In fact, you can use the app with any HDMI-equipped display, interactieve screen, projector or beamer. All you have to do is pair it with a streaming device such as Roku, Firestick, Chromecast or Apple TV.

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Get Photos Instantly

Remember all those situations when, after the party, you’d ask your guests to send you the photos? You never quite get all of them. And if you do, it’s after several annoying reminders!

With PartyMeister, you get instant access to all of the photos from the live slideshow. As soon as you stop the PartyMeister stream, the images are ready in a neat album available on the app.

Each of your guests who took photos will get a link to the album. You can also share it further! In this way, everyone’s happy and can relive the memories for years to come!

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Easy To Set Up

To set up PartyMeister, all you have to do is follow several simple steps in the app. You can have a live slideshow up and running in less than two minutes!

Just make sure your TV and iPhone are connected to the same WiFi. Otherwise, establishing a connection will not be possible.

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Main Features

There’s a lot PartyMeister can offer you! Let’s go through some of its most important features:

Live Photo Slideshow

With PartyMeister, you can easily set up a live photo slideshow on your Smart TV. It allows you and your guests to share the photos you took during the party on the big screen. It makes any occasion more engaging and fun for everyone involved!

screenshot of a PartyMeister panel

How it works for hosts:

  1. Choose the number of guests, the name of the party and the background.
  2. Next, upload three pictures to get the slideshow started.
  3. Next, connect their iPhone to a Smart TV using the PartyMeister app.
  4. Final step – click ‘Start Party’ and enjoy!

How it works for guests:

  1. Scan a QR code displayed on the TV with your iOS or Android device.
  2. Log in with your email or Apple ID.
  3. Start uploading pictures either via the PartyMeister app or a special in-browser page!
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Moderation Feature

The risk with photo sharing slideshow apps is that some party guests can start uploading inappropriate or spammy pictures. PartyMeister has solved this issue by implementing an optional moderation feature.

With the moderation on, the host can review each uploaded photo and only approve those that suit the vibe of the party.

What is more, only the approved images will be included in the photo album.

screen mirroring an image of bride and groom from MacBook to a TV in a living room

Automatic Smart TV Detector

During the slideshow setup process, you’ll have to connect your iPhone to a Smart TV. With PartyMeister, it takes just one click! That’s thanks to an automatic Smart TV Detector system.

It detects all Smart TVs connected to the same wireless network as your iPhone. Then, with a tap of your finger, you can easily connect to a Tv and begin the live slideshow!

QR Code Scanner

Your guests can easily join the slideshow. All they have to do is scan a QR code that will be displayed on the TV connected to your iPhone.

They can do so using any iOS device (iPhone or iPad) as well as any Android device (a smartphone or tablet).

iPhone with PartyMeister QR code scan instructions, laying on a laptop

How to share photos with family and friends?

After you’ve finished the PartyMeister live slideshow, each of the guests who uploaded their pictures will receive a link to the album containing all the images. The app will automatically send it to the email they used to log in. The link is shareable so that everyone can enjoy the memories!

Alternatively, you can invite them over to relive the memories! If you’re looking for a solution that will help you avoid cramming everyone around a tiny iPhone screen, have a look at our screen mirroring apps. With them, you can easily display photos from your iPhone to your Smart TV or streaming device.

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How Do I Get Photo Sharing On My Wedding?

You can take PartyMeister anywhere with you. That includes your wedding! If you’re looking to have a Live Photo slideshow during this important day, all you need is an iPhone!

Just make sure the venue has a Smart TV you can use.

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Exclusive Photo Sharing Features

Unlimited Guests

With PartyMeister Pro you can have an unlimited number of guests uploading an unlimited number of photos. In this way, there are no limits to how great your party can get!


PartyMeister Pro starts from $3.99 per week, $7.99 per month or $14.99 for a whole year.

20 Unique Backgrounds

With PartyMeister, you get 20 unique backgrounds for your slideshow. Each has a different theme and vibe. Make it truly personal and pick one that fits your party best!

person mirroring an image of bride and groom embracing from an iPhone to Smart TV in a darkened room

New Photos Have Slideshow Priority

Your guests may be rightfully concerned that if they take and upload a photo to PartyMeister, it will take ages before it shows on a TV. There are so many others in the queue, right?

With PartyMeister, each newly uploaded photo gets priority treatment. That way your guests will see their pictures immediately, without endless waiting.

Photo Sharing Tutorials

Discover the videos below and learn more about the best free photo sharing app in record time.

PartyMeister Explanation

Photo Sharing With Roku Stick, Ultra & Express

Use a projector or beamer to display your party photo by using a Roku device. PartyMeister also supports this media streamer. Yet another reason why it’s the best free photo sharing app. Check out the video below to see how this works.

How To Get Photos Real-Time On TV?

FAQ: Why is instagram no longer a photo sharing app?

Instagram has come a long way since it was first created in 2010. What started out as a simple photo sharing app has now evolved into a powerful tool for brands and businesses. However, one of the things that has changed is the focus on photos. While Instagram still allows users to share photos, the app is no longer primarily a photo sharing platform. Instead, it now emphasizes other types of content, such as videos and Stories. This shift reflects the changing needs of users and the way they interact with the app. For many people, Instagram is now more about discovery and connection than it is about photos.

Screen  mirroring a black and white image of wedding couple kissing next to a wall of flowers


Now you know how to make your next party or celebration a lot more special! With PartyMeister, the best free photo sharing app, of course!


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